Ancestral Folk Medicine and Connection

Cimaruta Remedies is an authentic container for healing, connection and magic rooted in the protective folk medicine ways of my ancestral lands.

I am devoted to helping clients who seek support in healing physically and emotionally with plants to find their deeper truth.

We work together to practice restorative wellness — with the plants and healing relations with the ancestors.

Many of us have suffered ancestral and multigenerational trauma, and Cimaruta Remedies offers tools for both liberation and reclamation. We are a nurturing space that welcomes all who are interested in forming new and healing attachments to the body, the plants and ancestral guides.

Herbal Wellness sessions and Ancestral Connection Sessions are held via zoom.  

Cimaruta Remedies also is a product line of organic, home grown and sustainably and ethically sourced plant medicine.  

I am practicing ancestral healing work and making ancestral medicine on land that is stolen and not my ancestral land, to aknowledge this and work towards rematriation, a portion of the sale of all my salves goes to pay Shuumi Land Tax 




I am Kara. I live on the territory of the Ohlone people, in what is named the  the city of Oakland, CA. 

I am a mother, a partner, a folk herbalist and an ancestral medicine connector.  

I create a container for people to connect with their ancestors, the elements, the plants and with their bodies. 

My matrilineal side, my ancestors were Mediterranean, living in Calabria, southern Italy, for thousands of years. My patrilineal side, my ancestors were from Highland Scotland, Germany, Ireland, England.

The over 20 years of ancestral work I have personally practiced has led me to ancestral medicine rooted in my Italian, Mediterranean and European folk ways.  

I attended Ancestral Apothecary's first Cecemmana clinical herbalism program and  have taught classes at Ancestral Apothecary since graduating.  I’ve also held amaro making workshops in Oakland, bringing the medicine of ancestral bitters to my community.  

It is an honor to listen to the call to hold space and show up sharing my experiences and perspective through holding seasonal Italian folk medicine and Mediterranean plant classes. I offer private herbal consultations for specific concerns and preventative holistic self care and private ancestral connection sessions, helping individuals to find their own ancestral medicine within.

My products can be purchased locally directly from me, at BayMade in Oakland or here on this site shop.   I grow many of the plants I work with to make my salves, tea blends and tinctures.  

I look forward to connecting and working with you.  


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I've been working with Kara once a month for this past spring and summer. I remember she showed up to our first greeting with her Calabrian cloth, olive bread to break, and rosemary/thyme smudge. It was a breath of fresh air, a true Italian grandmother/lineage carrier. She inspires me on the daily with her presence, her knowledge, her love, and her strength. She asked me questions about my life, family, and ancestry, and encouraged me towards a healing path.  I really cannot stress enough the generous gift you'll receive working with Kara. It'll make waves of healing in your life in the best of ways! Thank you Kara for all that you share with us!


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