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Ancestral Folk Medicine and Connection

Cimaruta Remedies is Kara Wood, a folk herbalist who works with those who wish to deepen and activate the ancestral connections inside their bodies.  Her ancestors were Calabrian on her mothers side, and English, German, Scottish and Irish on her fathers side.  She believes the elements, the plants, the trees and mushrooms are our ancestors. She believes it all is energy exchange.  Epigenetics, Mythology, and Living Folk culture direct and inform her work. She holds classes and workshops in person and online, works one on one with folks, and makes herbal products with plants she grows.  She lives with her family on the California Central Coast. 

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I have taken two online Mediterranean Plant workshops with Kara, and both were incredible experiences. Kara’s knowledge, intentions, and lived experiences are potent teachers during the courses. As someone of Italian heritage who has been taught some Ancestral traditions regarding plant magic, protection modalities, and herbalism, I found Kara’s teachings to deepen and broaden my preexisting knowings.

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