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California Mugwort Hydrosol

California Mugwort Hydrosol

California Mugwort Hydrosol dedicated to Virgo season!

Made with steam distilling wildcrafted Artemisia Douglasiana also known as California Mugwort.

This fresh gorgeous scented hydrosol was made on the first day the sun went into Virgo.

In devotion to the VIRGIN, to Artemisia, the goddess who the plant is named for, to Virgo, the divine mother, to Mary the ultimate Virgo Virgin.

VIRGIN: one who belongs only to themselves.


The hydrosol is a cooling, comforting scent.

Imagine the mist as a kiss from the Divine VIRGO Mother.


Spray on face, on  body, in doorways, on linens.

Anytime or anywhere.

To cleanse, protect and purify.

External use only, do not drink.





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