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Mullein Torch

Mullein Torch

Hand dipped beeswax mullein torch, AKA hags torch


Dried mullein stalk dipped in raw beeswax.


Burn anytime, especially as a ritual candle, during liminal days, equinox, solstice, cross quarter days, holy days.


The 3" small size perfect for travel altars.


Burn time varies.  Each torch one of a kind, hand dipped.

Large torches: approx 10"-12" long.  Approx. 60+ mins. per torch $20

Med approx. 6"-8" $15 Burns 45-60 mins per torch

Small (travel size) torches: approx. 3" approx 30 min. burn $10


Do not ever leave torch buring unattended, these flames are larger than regular candles.

Wax can drip while lit.  clear area of anything flamable.

Burn in dish of sand or dirt, in secure candle holder 

Preferably burn outside, or inside surounded by water