Fuoco Calabrese

Fuoco Calabrese

Fuoco Calabrese-Calabrian Fire

This is a Calabrian version of Fire Cider.

All organic ingerdients.

Calabrian peppers, Burdock root, onion, garlic, rosemary, oregano, thyme, ginger, horseradish, apple cidar vinegar, raw local honey


Take dailt for prevention, or at onset of sympoms of cold/flu/immune system drop.

This medicine is made on the new or full moon and sits for one moon cycle.


$20 for 2oz.

$30 for 4 oz.


     I use USPS.  I will supply tracking number upon shipment.  

    I have a flat rate shipping within the continental USA

    $5 for salves

    $7 for all medicine in glass

    orders over $50 get free shipping

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