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Ancestral Connection for agnostics and skeptics

I am called here to help with connection, to help remember and witness, to deepen into the amazing, beautiful world of relationships with the ancestors.

What I am NOT here to do is to convert or to convince anyone of anything.

Paraphrasing something I heard the Episcopal Bishop John Shelby Spong say: “if you believe something to be true, it does not matter is anyone else believes it.”

I know my truth. And feeling it wraps a protective blanket of warmth around me internally, inside me, a place that cannot be described but only felt. As a child, I was not told what to believe. I have always just KNOWN and felt what I know. I had an early initiation into the world of the non living and that helped me to always have one foot on the material plane and another on the other side.

Over the course of my life, my beliefs have continued to stay the same- AND also they have changed with the information I have received and that has imbued in me from experiencing the world around me.

I do not adhere to any specific religion, I am not New Age (although absolutely in my youth new age spirituality influenced me). I am not Wiccan. My relationship with the seen and unseen does not have a name. In the recent years, after decades of identifying as a Pagan, a Pantheist and a Witch, I have realized the word Animist most clearly describes my relationship with the world.

I have a different and special relationship with organized religion. My family has very deep ties with the Catholic Church and I was not raised Catholic. It (Catholicism) is such a huge part of my cultural body that even though I was kept from it, it arrived to me in other ways and I have not been able to escape my connection with it. Specifically, the energy we have named Mary, what we call the mother to us all, found me any way. I did not know I was seeking her, and for so long I ignored her, didn’t pay mind, didn’t understand, but she came to me in her many forms over the years. I am now completely and absolutely in devotion to her and all her energetic incarnations.

But that is a part of my story that I share...that is not yours. Maybe you don’t yet know or recognize the energy that will help unlock the part of you that has been closed from the ones who live on in you.

I can help folks who are skeptics, agnostics and materialists deepen into their ancestral connection. My experience and opinion is that there is not only one way or path to this destination. What matters is the connection, the magic (or whatever you name it) that occurs when we are in communication, in devotion and in service to the divine. That we honor and have faith in something other than ourselves. That can be difficult for the materialist.

So let’s look at etymology, the place I seem to always land when I need some direction!

The word material comes from the Latin Materia that comes from the Latin word Mater, Mother.

Mother becomes matter-and vice versa.

The definition of Matter is:

That which occupies space and has mass; physical substance.

A type of such substance.

Discharge or waste, such as pus or feces, from a living organism.

We cannot deny that we came from, that we grew in, and are part of the one who birthed us. We cannot deny that like a seed, or a cutting from a plant, we are part of the one before us.

Ancestor: come from the root of the ones before “ANTE"

And CEDERE-those who we yield to.

So when we acknowledge the ones who came before us are still in us, part of us, it helps us to connect with the unknown, with the infinite inside of us AND outside of us.

If any of this resonates and interests you, if you desire a deeper understanding, connection and relationship with your deeper, cellular self, if you desire communication with those who came before us that still live IN OUR BODIES, but you are not sure how?

I will help direct you with tools that are absolutely custom to who you are, and what your comfort level is. I am talking about water, fire, plants, music, food, and stories.

All of these aspects of our material world that also transcend into the nonmaterial.

You can make an appointment with me through my website. I am always open to finding a time that works for you if you don't see a slot on my online calendar. I am here for any questions that you may want to pose before you book with me, please don't hesitate to email me at

I leave you with a quote from one of my guides, the mystic Pierre Teilhard de Chardin,

who was both a Scientist and Jesuit priest.

All images from NASA

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