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What I do and don't do in an ancestral connection session

It might sound more mysterious than it really is.

An ancestral connection session with me is being witnessed in the process, the desire, the grief, the wonder, the shame, the love- of being in these bodies that hold all those who came before us, who made us, who shaped us and the world around us.

I help guide, navigate, reframe and connect the dots .

I advise, suggest, listen and validate.

The process is deeply personal and looks different for each individual, each time.

All sessions begin with a short intake completed before we meet to help me understand where you’re at in your ancestral world.

Before a session, I make an alter for you based on the information that you’ve given me in the intake, specifically plants you are a relationship with, or ancestral plants that are calling you. I try to have those plants present in each session on the altar in someway as well as our living ancestors water and fire. The altar sits with us in the session.

during and after we meet, I help direct you towards plants, books, art, ritual-whatever comes up, on, and through- for untangling, mending and weaving the history you hold.

We meet via Zoom although I hope to be returning to in person sessions soon.

After our first session together, I make an ancestral formula for you based on what we have discussed. I ship this or deliver if you are local. the formula is part of the first session cost.


What a session doesn’t look like is a channeling or speaking for your ancestors. I will definitely always communicate what comes to me and sometimes it’s very profound and important, but I’m not here to speak for your ancestors.

I don’t promise anything. I do come from over 20 years of personal practice, a constant, ever evolving relationship with my ancestors, including plants and non human elemental ones. I am in the process of all of this myself and don't proclaim to have landed anywhere.

This is spiral work: past present future. No linear time.

I am honored to do this work.

The purpose of these sessions is to help folks deepen into their relationships, healing, understanding. It’s about being a living future ancestor.

Some people see me once, and that’s all they need to connect. Some folk see me regularly and we focus on specific ancestors, lines or ancestral traumas. I help guide people towards ritual and healing traditions, that their ancestors practiced, or at least an idea of the trees, plants, songs and stories that were the medicine that carried them.

I’ll go as deep as someone wants to go.

If you have any questions, I am always happy to answer, or at least attempt to!

Appointments can be made though my website. If there is not an appointment time that works, I am flexible and can try to find a time that does.

If you are feeling called, but not sure how to begin, if you feel like you are stuck or unsure, if you don't have any family to process this with, if you are noticing synchronicities that feel ancestral and want to learn how to listen to them, and be in relationship with the energies around you, I am here. If you are a racialized white body and are struggling with all the complexities and layers of not living on your ancestral land, or feeling the guilt, shame, fear around the past, I am here.

with so much love,



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