Amaro Blends

Amaro Blends

Amaro Blends

You can make your own amaro!

Each amaro blend bag holds a combination of several different dried, magical, bitter and digestive herbs (roots, barks, seeds, berries) to make your own amaro.  Enough for approx 32oz. jar. Just add a bottle your choice of spirits.

(I recommend grappa, but any high percent neutral spirit is great)

You can also cook them as a decoction for a digestive tea.

Add honey and you have an alcohol free amaro.  


Also included are suggested fresh/dried plants and fruit to add if you choose, and instructions on how to make your own amaro.


When ordering please specify which blend you would like.

Choose between:


#1 Dried bitter herbs with organic dried lemon peel

#2 Dried bitter herbs with lemon peel and chamomile&